Our Seniors Commets

1. A Heavenly Feeling - Angelica Grace Home


I  have been quite comfortable here, spending my time at times by walking  on the track all around, at times by reading books on Ramakrishna  paramahamsar, and praying almost of the time ... I have been Getting  delicious food and hassle-free accommodation and have been more delighted to be here.


                                                                                                  Mrs T. Shenbagam

2. It Is God's Grace - Angelica Grace Home

 Caring  sisters, Homely atmosphere, Homely food, This marks Angelica grace  home. I was coming first time to this place. My brother phoned up sister  Maria announcing my arrival. she asked him how many dosasi i would like to have for dinner, Before even seeing me hospitality marks every action here. understanding and caring the sister are always obliging with smiling face. cleanness every where. nice sprawling walks space for walking. Adjusting type. I am Hindu, they allow me to keep Hindu gods photos in my room and pray. Broadminded they are God's grace I came here.  


                                                                                                  Miss V. Jalajaa

3. Only JOY JOY JOY and FRIENDSHIP - Angelica Grace Home


A word whether its a personal choice or children leave them here. One is in safe hand well protected, cared with love and concern, NO REGRET or SADNESS only JOY JOY JOY and FRIENDSHIP.


                                                                                                  Miss. Christella